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About Us

About Us

About Meadows and More

We are passionate about rediscovering healthy, delicious foods that grow wildly all around us. Wild plants are little treasures with ancient culinary traditions from around the world. We study the plant species, their historical backgrounds and ecology, and test peak times to harvest and eat them to suit modern lifestyles

Flower and Bee
©Thomas Schauer Tama Matsuoka Wong

Wild Landscapes

Tama Matsuoka Wong is a forager, weed eater, meadow doctor , lawyer and mother of three. She is the author of the backyard field guide and cookbook Foraged Flavor (Clarkson Potter June 2012) nominated for a James Beard award in 2013. She leads workshops, lectures and events around the country and supplies local wild foods to the three star Michelin Restaurant Daniel in New York City, Gramercy Tavern, ACME, Marc Forgione among others.

After graduating from Harvard Law School and serving more than 25 years as a financial services lawyer in Tokyo, New York and Hong Kong, she returned to New Jersey and rediscovered her passion for the natural world. She launched Meadows and More LLC to connect experts in the field of meadow restoration, botany and wildlife with people in the community. In 2007 she was named Steward of the Year by the New Jersey Forest Service.

Tama has been featured in CBS Sunday Morning "Our war against weeds" as well as the NY Times "Finding Flavor in the Weeds", the WSJ, Edible Manhattan, Bloomberg , NPR Science Friday, the Leonard Lopate show, Oprah and gave a TedXManhattan talk in 2013.

Tama lives in Hunterdon County New Jersey with her husband and their daughters. It is her hope that everyone can reconnect with the places they came from by rediscovering wild plants and the deliciousness of "weeds."

Great Food

Eddy Leroux is the head chef de cuisine at Restaurant Daniel in New York City, the 3 star Michelin, 4 star New York Times flagship restaurant of celebrity chef Daniel Boulud, and recognized as one of the top ten restaurants in the world. Eddy's passion for food began as a schoolboy in France. He grew up in a diverse neighborhood and attended school with Moroccans, Poles, and other Eastern Europeans. At lunch time, curious about the dishes his classmates brought from home, Eddy began to trade his own meals for theirs, growing to love their more exotically seasoned and spiced cuisines.

Eddy's journey continued through culinary training in France and apprenticeships at 3 star Michelin rated restaurant Lucas Carton in France, an expatriate assignment at the renowned Le Normandie in the Oriental hotel, Bangkok, eventually settling in New York, with Laurent Gras at the Waldorf Astoria's Peacock Alley, and then for the past 10 years with Daniel Boulud at Restaurant Daniel, where he continues to create and savor the diversity of cuisines and ingredients.

Eddy is continually inspired by the great flavors of foraged ingredients, and their closeness to wild landscapes. Optimally, he would like to source all his food from small scale farms and suppliers. He treats these wild plants with the greatest respect, for their natural beauty, their fragrance and for their complexity of taste and texture.

©Thomas Schauer Eddy Leroux
Flower and Bee

Connected With Nature

Caitlin Solano, forager and farmer of Tullamore Farms, a grass fed beef farm in Hunterdon County. Caitlin's favorite things about foraging at MeadowsandMore are learning about food found in nature, being connected with the seasons/nature, and being able to help raise awareness and do something important for the food system.


Karl Anderson – Distinguished Field Botanist., co-author of Plant Communities of New Jersey; a Study in Landscape Diversity. Karl is the moderator of the “What is this plant” forum on this site.

Gerould Wilhelm, Ph.D. – Chicago, Distinguished Field Botanist and Ecologist and Principal botanist at Conservation Design Forum. Gerould is co-author of Plants of the Chicago Region. Gerould is closely associated with the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois, and has developed the Floristic Quality Assessment methodology in conjunction with colleague, Floyd Swink. Gerould serves as adviser to the Plant Stewardship Index program.

John Parke – Stewardship Project Director for NJ Audubon, Certified by the Society of Wetland Scientists as Professional Wetland Scientist as well as a Certified Ecologist by The Ecological Society of America John.

Dr. Randi Eckel – owner of Toadshade Wildflower Farm, Frenchtown NJ, a mail order nursery that specializes in nursery grown and propogated perennial plants native to northeastern North America. Randi also gives presentations and workshops on native plants, native plant propogation and related topics. Randi received her Ph.D. in Entomology from North Carolina State University.

Michael Van Clef, Ph.D. – Ecological Solutions, New Jersey. Michael brings more than 15 years experience in the area of stewardship of natural resources, ecological resources and policy to our team.

Melissa Almendinger – Invasive Species Coordinator, Upper Raritan Watershed Association; Invasive Species Strike Team.