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In Season

In Season


Its the dead of winter and we love this seasonal not too sweet ice cream created by Miro, pastry chef at Gramercy Tavern who was [...]

planning for spring: natural spaces

The birds are all over the winter seedheads in our meadow and prefer the seeds to anything we put in the bird feeder. But if [...]

cauliflower soup and juniper berries dish

We use eastern red cedar berries (juniperus virginiana) in this nutty and woodsy reminder of white winter days. They are sweeter than the usual commercial [...]


Serious Eats is a popular national food blog and we have begun writing a seasonal foraging column (with recipes) for them on the last wednesday [...]


Last week on one of the most beautiful late summer days, I was out in Larry’s pickup truck and passed by our neighbors place that [...]


Drinks capture the freshness and flavor of nature when they using foraged plants. I recently had the pleasure of collaborating on an ecotour in Vermont [...]


All month at our house we’ve been on a rampage for lambsquarters, our preferred cooked vegetable of the moment. Cooking transforms the flavor to mild [...]


It doesnt rain any more, it just pours. And we dont just ease into summer. Last Wednesday went from 45 degrees to 90 by the [...]


Every year is different. And this one has chalked up to start off impatiently slow and chilly ..and now suddenly all the plants are putting [...]


Argh! We just finished dinner of slow cooked pork and a garlic mustard pesto with fusilli and extra parmesan cheese on top. The pesto had [...]