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western NJ restoration of streambed area. year one —what kind of aster is this.


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  1. Karl Anderson said:

    Sorry, anything I say about this plant is going to be 90 percent guess. Asters are tough. Well, some of them are, anyhow. I would like to see a close up of a flower and leaves; and is the stem smooth or somewhat hairy? How big across are the flowers? 1/2″? 1″ ? Well, what do we have to work with? It’s a pretty big plant, kind of shrubby. Flowers seem pretty large. Can’t quite tell the color – white, or are they maybe a bit tinged with lavender? If the flowers are white and the stem is finely fuzzy, it’s probably hairy white oldfield aster, Symphyotrichum pilosum. Another possibility is bushy aster, S. dumosum. Send more pictures, or run the plant though your Newcomb’s field guide.

    Karl A.

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