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karl, I found these two different plants on our beach in maine. can you tell what they are? sea blite? are most beach plants native (except for rugosa rose…)
Thank you!


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  1. Karl Anderson said:

    Hmmm. I think the fleshy plant with opposite leaves is seaside sandwort, Honckenya peploides. A close-up of the open flowers would help verify the identification- they should be white, with five petals, like a chickweed. We have this plant in New Jersey, but it’s rather rare and it’s been a while since I’ve seen it. The other plant is orache, Atriplex patula. Fairly common in New Jersey, if you can find a sheltered beach with a natural shoreline, like the one at the end of Great Bay Boulvard south of Tuckerton. It’s in the same plant family as sea blite (Suaeda spp.) and often grows with it; but the leaves of orache are larger and wider. Yes, most beach plants are native. But both of the plants you’ve found are also found on beaches in northern Europe.

    Karl A.

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