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what is this ? I dont think it is native but it is flowering now


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  1. Karl Anderson said:

    If it’s quite low-growing, and thye flowers are only about 1/4″ across, it’s corn speedwell, Veronica arvensis. Pretty little thing. Grows in lawns, out of cracks in sidewalks, etc. Not native, but harmless. There are at least two other non-native Veronicas in bloom now – bird’s eye speedwell, Veronica persica (which is a larger plant with bigger flowers), and ivy-leaved spedwell, Veronica hederifolia (which is a larger plant, i.e., taller than corn speedwell) but with rather small flowers. We do have some native Veronicas, however. That four-parted irregular (i.e., not radially symmetric) blue or white flower will give them away. And the seed capsules are more or less heart-shaped.

  2. admin said:

    Hi Karl I found this same plant growing on the side of my lawn but according to weeds of the northeast, if the flower is on a longish stalk, which these are, it is veronica persica but if the flower is less than 1 mm off the stalk then it is corn speedwell….how confusing…..can you help me Karl.

    Thanks! Betsy in Warren township

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