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Looking for times of year to harvest and some photos to help me identify. Also looking for any information on the plant I’m posting a photo of as I’m fairly certain it’s not the Meadow Mount I was searching for.


4 thoughts on “information on meadow mint

  1. ZenLeaf said:

    No idea how to post a photo yet, will work on that after this hike. ..

  2. Karl Anderson said:

    The hard thing here is determining what you mean by meadow mint, that’s not an “official” name for anything. There are lots of mints. You will have to go to the scientific name to get information. There is a field mint, scientific name is Mentha arvensis. Or spearmint, Mentha spicata, might be what you are looking for. Look them up on line, using the scientific name, and see if either one is the plant that interests you. If you can get a photo of your own posted here, I’ll try to identify it. Try to use a photo that shows the flowers. Still might not be easy, some mints look very much like others.
    Karl A.

  3. ZenLeaf said:

    Im not sure the scientific name. Im from Lancaster Pa. Around here the Amish use the plant to brew “Meadow Mint Tea”. My ex used to go for walks and come back with handfuls of it from the local area but I cant remember what it looks like. It was the most delicious refreshing tea

  4. Karl Anderson said:

    Ah, I know the area. So she could just walk out and just gather a handful? Then most likely it was field mint, Mentha arvensis. Google that one using the scientific name and see if it looks about right. Look for it in damp, open areas, places like the edges of a ditch through a meadow. It should be out of the ground by now and you can pick the leaves at any season. Like all mints, it has a square stem and leaves that grow in opposing pairs. At this season it’s maybe eight inches tall. Later in the year it will have pale blue flowers clustered in the axils (armpits) of the upper leaves and get taller. Mosey around and pick and crush and smell enough likely-looking leaves and you will surely find it.

    Karl A.

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