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I think it bloomed pink flowers in the spring. New leaves have a reddish tint.


0 thoughts on “Is this a crabapple tree?

  1. Karl Anderson said:

    Crabapple, eh? Well, that seems like a pretty good guess. It’s forming fruit the way an apple or pear would. But to identify it more closely than that? I can’t do it. Trouble is, there are hundreds of cultivated species and varieties of those flowering crabapples, and I don’t have any book that sorts them out (and in fact there may not be one). Hmm. Look up ‘flowering crabapples’ on line and see if you can get a match. Or, find some big local plant nursery and wal;k around looking at their trees. In the meantime I’ll look around a bit. Tell you the truth, if we are doing some kind of plant inventory and run into those things, we just note them as “Mmalus sp.” and let it go at that.

    Karl A.

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