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I found this orchid last year. It was flowering in mid-August. I have video (somewhere) showing that it is pollinated via wasps. The pollen cap is glued to the wasp and carried to the next flower. The flower is not as brightly colored as the one photo. The vivid colors are a result of a circular polarizing filter on the camera. The color is accurate just less saturated.

I consulted everyone I could find including the boy scout nature guide, the local townspeople and countless books and websites. Nobody has been able to I.d. It. In fact all the locals said they had never seen it.

I have tried getting help from a few universities and a botanical garden. I never heard a word back. I suppose I don’t have the right address or my email is mistaken for spam.

The photo location is in mid-Maine and I found the orchid growing in several clusters spread around a hillside near moisture.

Here are the photos and thanks for any help:

mid-august flowering orchid

mid-august flowering orchid


2 thoughts on “Mid-August flowering orchid

  1. Karl Anderson said:

    Ah, that’s pretty. It’s helleborine, the Latin name is Epipactis helleborine. Not native, introduced accidentally (?) from Europe, but now pretty much throughout the northeastern United States and eastern Canada. Fairly common, usually on neutral-to-basic soils. A nice little plant. I’m surprised that nobody you asked knew what it was. Alas, there are a lot of people out there who couldn’t give you the name of a daisy, even though they see them every day. Helleborine is pictured on page 48 in Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide. The color can vary quite a bit – greenish-white to pinkish (not as pink as your top picture, though). It gets to be a couple of feet tall. In Europe there are a number of species in that genus, but so far as I know we only have this one.

    Karl A.

  2. rnalesnik said:

    Wow that is it. Thank you for your speedy answer!

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