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I have this weed growing quite nicely. Can you help ID it and tell me if it is edible.


Thank you,


2 thoughts on “Need a weed ID

  1. Karl Anderson said:

    That’s lesser celandine; scientific name is Ranunculus ficaria. It’s not native and very invasive, the more of it you eat the better off the world will be. Yes, it’s edible, though I’ve not tried it myself. If you have the Foraged Flavor book, it’s described on page 54. In brief “the tubers are tasty when fried in a beer batter, although tedious to wash and separate out for cooking. The leaves need to be consumed raw and young, before flowering, or they can become quite acrid…if you have a ready, overabundant supply, toss the leaves as a salad with a sweet citrus dressing”.

    Karl A.

  2. Karl Anderson said:

    I just realized – look at the “In Season” section of this web site for more information about this plant, including a nice salad recipe.

    Karl A.

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