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I’m not much of a plant guru to begin with, so forgive me if this is a plant I should know. I noticed this growing in the hedge at my duplex recently, along with some type of creeping ivy, which you can see in the background. The plant is about 4 ft tall, no thorns, and an inflorescence of tiny white flowers, opposite of one another. It is herbaceous. Since my landlord can be a bit of a slumlord, chances of him do a little gardening are nill. I’d remove it myself but I’m unsure if it’s poisonous.
Geographically, I’m in western KY. Any ideas what this might be? Thanks in advance.


4 thoughts on “What is this??

  1. Bluejeans said:

  2. Karl Anderson said:

    That’s pokeweed. Native, perennial, those flowers will grow into juicy purplish berries. Birds eat the berries and excrete purple droppings which stain almost anything. The plant is not poisonous to touch, but all parts are more or less toxic if eaten. Though the young spring growth, if cooked in several changes of water, can be made edible and is a traditional spring food. Supposed to be good but I’ve never tried it myself. I grew up in New York City, did not have the opportunity. I would get rid of it, especially if you have a white car.

    Karl A.

  3. Bluejeans said:

    Thank you Karl! 🙂

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