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hi mr. A. is this wild lettuce? it is very very fuzzy and i see a lot of them, so i am worried it is not native.


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  1. Karl Anderson said:

    Hi, Chris! Call me Karl.

    I’ve been seeing those rosettes also – pretty sure they are common fleabane, Erigeron philadelphicus. It’s native but kind of weedy – does well in disturbed areas, dry soil, etc. You probably would know it if you saw the flowers – maybe 3/4″ wide, with a yellow center and lots of white rays.

    BTW – if something is a lettuce it will have white milky sap – “lettuce” derives from Latin “lactus” meaning “milk”. Though it doesn’t work the other way – many plants that are not lettuces also have milky sap. Dandelion, for instance.

    Karl A.

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