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After an extended winter, its been a frenzy of a spring. Its an exciting time for wild foods because these plants are growing like crazy, during a time when many a farm around here is barely even plowed.

We are also finding new friends and ways to collaborate with colleagues even outside of the NY/Philadelphia area. Our friends share our passion for sustainable, local and delicious wild foods. If you know reliable people of integrity that have passion and respect for the landscape and want to “walk the walk” not just “talk the talk”, please contact us.

Science Friday (national NPR radio) did an interview and their video guy Luke was so excited he asked to come out to the field 5 days later. Here is his video of my place as well as the cook property that those of you in NJ know well….


Last week, a request by a major client to come out to forage ended up morphing in to a NYTimes Style magazine feature (not sure how much but something will be in print this Sunday).  Never thought our hot plates would look so good!


And on rainy days Im writing a series of recipes and tips on foraging for a beautiful national food blog: Food 52. ¬†garlic mustard….yes!



Hope that all this information will continue to inspire your interest and support! Thank you.