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In Season

In Season

Aquatic Plant Bayne Brook, Harding NJ

I am trying to identify this aquatic plant which is growing in a stream in Morris County New Jersey.

My cousin saw this plant growing in Kentucky recently (late May). Is it some kind of honeysuckle?

Hi, I found this orchid last year. It was flowering in mid-August. I have video (somewhere) showing that it is pollinated via wasps. The pollen […]

Florida Betony/Crosnes

I have not been able to get any definitive answers about whether or not this is a native species or if it’s introduced, and whether […]

question from jean: normally we dont answer garden perennial type questions but am posting yr questinos: “can you tell me what this is? Thx!”


I have what looks like chickweed in my yard, except that the stem has “hairs” all the way around the stem, not just on one […]

question from cindy: this is growing on dry hummocks here in south jersey. is it native? is is edible? thank you karl.

Karl, we noticed a field of this in cape may today. of course looks daisy like but the leaves are more finely dissected and not […]

I live in the Finger Lakes region of NY. This beautiful little flower was growing in my lawn. What is it? Should I try to […]

This was found growing at the Great Swamp: