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Posting on the Plant ID and In Season Pages

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Creating a Plant ID Post

Find your image on flickr.com
Click on the Share button
Click on the section called “Grab the HTML/BBCode”
Make sure the Medium 500 (500 x 333) image size is selected
Make sure the HTML Button is clicked
Click in the box that says “Copy and paste the code below) This should automatically select all the code.
Right click the select copy and select Copy.
Right click in the text area of the meadowsandmore.com page you would like you image in and select paste.
Click Post Comment button when finished and your image should show up.

Keep in mind that there are filters in place to stop spam and undesirable images so it can take some time before your post shows up. Also multiple posting of the same image will flag it as spam and it won’t show up until reviewed by someone at meadowsandmore.com. You can also watch the video below for a visual reference.

Setting Your User Avatar

Adding a picture to your posts is easy and helps make for a friendlier blogging community. Gravatar is a globally recognized avatar which is attached to your email account. It is very easy to set up and administer your avatar in one place. Your avatar is changed on all your blogs and forums that use Gravatar.

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