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In Season

In Season

Whether you are a part time or full time forager or a purchaser of foraged items at your farmers market, restaurant or grocery store here […]


A wayfarer is one who lives on the way and these hands on workshops are designed to help us rediscover our human instinct for self […]

Yes this summer is turning out to be a scorcher. For the last three weeks its been so hot that by midday we and the […]

A young chef in Brooklyn who we were delivering this plant to, had questions about calling it knotweed:  ” Its not….weed but what is it?” […]

We always load up on lemony tasting American wild sumac spice in the fall (see link on how we forage and making spice) so that […]

Last month we gathered shagbark hickory nuts in abundance, and now that the leaves have fallen, the trees stand as silent wooden sentinels in a silvery grey […]

  Thanks to Dr. Lena Strewe of Rutgers University, Director of the Chrysler Herbarium, in New Jersey, the entire pamphlet is free and available to […]

Gluten free whole grain, millet is a common grain in Asia and Africa. Foxtail millet is a weed here!