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Foraging Calendar

Foraging Calendar

Wild edible plants are delightfully in season for most of the year. To help you plan your foraging menus, we put together this foraging calendar of a small selection of our favorites from the book that are easy to find through most of North America and beyond. We will change the calendar four times a year: early spring, spring, summer and autumn-winter.

Spring Foraging Calendar
asian wisteria
wisteria floribunda

fragrant and crunchy


raw in spring salads


juicy and mild

spring while young


garlic mustard
alliaria petiolata

mild garlic flavor

vitamins A,C,E, B, porassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron

early spring

better raw and not overly cooked

artemesia vulgaris


spring to summer


stinging nettle
Urtica dioica

deep herbal flavor with notes of celery and mint

used to treat arthritis, allergies such as asthma and hay fever and gout. high in protein, vitamin A and minerals


cook or fully dry

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