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News & Events

News & Events

March 29 1pm NPR Manhattan Leonard Lopate show talking about whats coming! tune in and ask questions….

April 8 San Francisco: panel with Hank Shaw and Connie Green on wild foods for the International Association of Culinary Professionals Conference (IACP). am in the area if want to meet…

April 18 Anthropologie Rockefeller Center NYC 5:30-7 tastings and mocktails with the best wild foods in season with help from Le Bec Fin and Bar Pleiades, the start of a great collaboration

April 24 Manhattan Kansas (the little apple) Kansas State University luncheon, farm foraging in the morning and reception contact gyh539@aol.com for details
April 25 Kansas City Public Library event and tasting with Chefs

May 5 GARLIC MUSTARD forage with New Jersey Conservation. foraging tips, ID, U pick it and luncheon. contact marie newell 908 234 1225 ext 103 at new jersey conservation foundation. attendance is limited and reservations required.


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