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the plant is big and very leafy. in a 11-12 in diameter pot. the leaves range from 2-5.5 inches long. and 1.5 – 2 inches wide. there are a lot of stalks, they are at most about 14 inches long when u hold them straight up. the back of the leaves is lighter green with some splotches sometimes. the leaves are fairly waxy and have a pretty good sturdiness to them, but you can leave a mark by pressing down your fingernail. the stems are woven together a bit, and the stalks and leaves overflow over to the bottom of the pot.

I also know that this is a pretty sturdy houseplant because I’m quite sure it’s been living for a while (it was my neighbors). I need to know the ID so I can be sure I’m taking care of it properly. I couldn’t upload a picture on this site but if one is necessary I can find a way.


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