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I saw a bush / plant recently and am wondering what it is. It is a yellow flower then on the inside it looks like a dandelion and in the middle of the dandelion is a thorn. I would love to post a picture but there was no option for me to do that. I live in Long Island NY if that helps.


2 thoughts on “Mystery Plant / Bush

  1. Karl Anderson said:

    No idea. If it’s a native plant on Long Island and I had a good picture I’m pretty sure I would know what it was, but without a picture it’s impossible. That “thorn” throws me. You mean that there is a sharp spine sticking up out of the middle of the flower?


  2. Karl Anderson said:

    Hmmmm. Try looking up evening primrose. See if that’s a match. What you are calling a thorn might just be the stigma of the flower. It’s soft, not pointed, has a four-way split at the top?


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