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I am doing a project where you identify plants and animals, but I can’t seem to identify this flower (internet sources lead to shopping webs), it is a bush that wields stems with small white flowers on each. What is this plant? blob:https%3A//drive.google.com/34aea606-4b23-45d3-b0db-8aaa5c5aa2e5


One thought on “White Flower Bush

  1. Karl Anderson said:

    Sorry, I can’t download that picture. Is it a native plant? If so, try going to the library and look at the Peterson Field Guide to Trees and Shrubs. I assume you have leaves on the plant, not just flowers. You would need them to get an identification. If this is something in a garden, I don’t know any really good books. Try taking a photo and bringing it to a garden center and asking a horticulturist. A real garden center, not something like Home Depot – though some of their folks are pretty knowledgeable.


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