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In Season

In Season

We’re having fun this winter dreaming up chef-forager recipes for the Hunger Games. Katniss is only available now, in the winter. District 12: Katniss Everdeen Chips These easy chips make a tasty snack while on the run. The soy sauce adds a mellow saltiness and the katniss is lighter and less greasy than a potato chip. We are excited by this discovery! 6 katniss tubers (ask for chi gu or arrowhead in Asian markets) washed, peeled and sliced thinly 1 cup water 1/2 cup low salt, light soy sauce or tamari sauce grapeseed oil for frying Marinate the katniss slices in the soy sauce and water for 10-15 minutes. Remove and pat dry on a paper towel.


Fry in oil at medium high heat in batches until crispy. Pat dry and serve.

For a variation, try smoked paprika instead of soy sauce.

Katniss served in the Capitol: Foragers’ food is relished by fine dining also. Here is a daily special that Eddy created for Restaurant Daniel: tuna with yuzu-chimishiri flaked rice crust and fennel, blood orange and katniss chips


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