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We understand that retailers continue to experience high demand and delivery delays so friends have asked if we can mail wild “care packages” directly during these difficult times.

We are happy to send you a box of your choice of the following plus other items you may be looking for. )

Single bottle (due to shipping costs this is the least cost effective at $15)

Flat rate pack of 5 $30

Case of 12 (NY C 4 boros and hamptons only) free delivery $42

I Am A Weed Sumac Tea (12-case)

$42 covid promotion (door to door delivery in NYC, Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens Hamptons only)

I Am A Weed Sumac Tea

$3.99 per 13.9 fluid oz bottle plus shipping is $15

Delicious, local, sustainable sumac makes its debut in a slow brewed tea in this limited offering. The brick red fruits of the American sumac tree have long been enjoyed by native Americans and culinary enthusiasts for its superior refreshment and clean slightly lemony taste. Drink chilled. Be sure to savor the clean flavor at the end of each mouthful that will make you to drink more.

see more info at iamaweed.com

Nettle (tips, no coarse stems)


Open a box of nettle tips and breathe deep. Real wild nettles have an incredible herbal aroma and a complex flavor of deep green, with notes of celery and mint, a perfect spring tonic. They do “sting” so handle with gloves. The sting is completely and quickly neutralized by blanching (or drying or microwaving). Known for its medicinal properties.

American Sumac Spice

$5.99 per jar

We make this spice from the brick red fruits of the American sumac tree. Not as “sour” as middle eastern sumac, more “tart” with berry notes. Double the dosage in any sumac recipe (which uses middle eastern sumac), sprinkle on top avocado toast, chicken, fish, for your antioxidant fix.